Online Business Development Manager Needed!


Job Description

Online Business Development Manager:

SiteCast Solutions & Technology is looking to bring on that perfect match for our company! We will know your a match almost from the start when we talk based on your ideas, character and experience. If you read our company profile you will learn a lot about who we are as a company and I'm sure some of who I am as the founder!

The ideal person will have lots of ideas, but even more solutions! You Will demonstrate a proven track record with your accomplishments!

The area we are looking to expand in, is our online presence in all of our divisions! The right person will be able to convey our vision to their team that we will build. You must be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Non-Compete Agreement.

I can't begin to tell you how challenging it is, to spend money online with no result to show for it! I'm looking for someone who is an online Internet Marketing Maniac, with web-design, development & SEO, expertise! we have spent lots of money with Google Ads, only to not get the results we are looking to achieve! We own several domain names, yet have little to no presence online.

I'm willing to offer a stake holder position within our company to the person who is able to build our online business!

You will need to prove your talents that you have online to our Managing Directors.
Provide us with a portfolio of your experience and abilities. Prefer someone who also has software development abilities in Android, Apple. Must share in an Entrepreneurial spirit!

Skills: marketing, software-development