Online Marketing Expert


Job Description


I am looking to hire a Marketing Graduate with fresh ideas and a lot of energy and motivation to be successful in whatever they do.

You must be organised, confident and able to plan your work to meet pre-defined targets.

Ideally, you'd have graduated with a degree in Marketing, or have a proven portfolio of successful marketing projects that you have been part of.

I am looking for someone with comprehensive set of skills ranging from basic things like site optimisation / content marketing / link building to running targeted marketing and PR campaigns to specific industries.

You will be responsible for creating a marketing plan that covers everything from PPC, SEM, Direct marketing, PR, trade shows, email Marketing etc and then you will execute the marketing plan.

I will hire you on a per hour basis to start with in order for me to see how you perform and then I will want to take you on as a permanent member of staff on a fixed monthly salary that is competitive and attractive.