OpenVPN client setup

OpenVPN client setup


Job Description

- Centos 5 firewall at collocation running OpenVPN server - must be configured by CLI
- Linksys tomato 1.28 routers in 3 remote offices - running OpenVPN
- We could install an openvpn access server, however this would not solve connecting to remote offices.

Admin Users:
- connect to firewalls with access to entire LAN behind behind firewall
- routed with no NAT
- client traffic does not go over VPN tunnel
- login prompt is preferred, but keys is acceptable

General Users:
- connect to collocation firewall in order to access specific servers. Will be different for each users (i.e. most will have access to HTTP on VoIP server, some will have access to MySQL
- some (not all) users will need to have traffic routed over VPN tunnel so it appears they are at the IP address of the colo or remote office
- connect to remote office only so IP appears to come from that office
- login prompt required
- routed with no NAT
- Users are not technically sophisticated - must be simple to run
- Make admin as simple as possible. It can be done by editing config files as long as clear instructions are given.

´╗┐Please give a simple overview of your recommended setup along with an estimate of time required and or the total if done as a flat rate project.

Skills: routers, lan, voip