Outbound Telemarketing Sales Expert $6 per Hour + BONUS

Outbound Telemarketing Sales Expert $6 per Hour + BONUS


Job Description

We are looking for Sales EXPERT for our telemarketing compaign. The sales agent will be in charge for research of cigar shops globally and sell our products by making a direct phone contact with client in order to close sales.

***We pay $6 per hour +5% Sales Bonus for each sale made.*** The bonus could be from $50 to $500 for each sale depends of the volume purchased. Long term contract.

Requirements for the Agent:

* Excellent English knowledge speaking and writing.
* US American accent or even without any accent.
* Top Seller - Proactive - easy speaking
* Extroverted
* Fast learning
* Details oriented, smart with good memory, punctual, patient, decesive, speaks with authority, reliable, sales closer
* Telemarketing experience is a must with proven call records.
* MS Office experience
* Schedule to work 40 hours per week (Monday-Friday from 9.00am till 6.00pm GMT)
* Internet data research experience

Technical Requirements:
- Excellent internet service provider (2mbps+)
- Reliable computer
- Has a quiet working area (no background noise from all sorts - transportation, people or animals)
- 3 weeks trial period.
- Manual calling - not predictive calls

For the candiates please respond the questions in the application(everybody who not respond would be desqualified).

***Please provide a voice recording sample in mp3*****


Good luck!

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