PA/VA, Editor, Wordpress-savvy, organized 'Octopus'

PA/VA, Editor, Wordpress-savvy, organized 'Octopus'


Job Description

Due to a health issue I will have a reduced capacity in the next 1-3 months handling my websites (three main sites: a personal site; a food site, and a site on scarves and shawls PLUS eventually other sites coming up).
Therefore I need an 'octopus' - or a 'spider - an organized PA, who can do more than just the plain admin stuff, transcription and typewriting. However, also one who does not mind doing those things as well!

I would prefer someone, who can add 'excellence' and who likes a job as this, where not all is known beforehand:

Someone, who has a background in editing and writing - both posts, articles and ebooks and who has command of an excellent English.
Someone, who has SEO experience which she can apply to the editing of articles certain writers write for me - and even to my own posts as well (currently, I have 4-5 writers and an IT guy).
Someone, who has worked in a position where she had to do the uploading to the site herself (I use wordpress) - maybe even on behalf of several writers.
Someone, who has experience in organizing and managing people/contractors, ensuring that deadlines are met for the team etc.
Someone, who proactively engages in the development of some good sites - idea-/content- and language-wise.
Someone, who knows the importance of 'communication' - keeping me and others updated on where we are - at all times!
Someone, who can write posts and articles herself within the subjects that are covered by my pages (fashion/food/development/humanitarian issues/travel/lifestyle and similar).

I would like to make this contract a test contract of four weeks, based on a daily effort of one hour. It is difficult for me to pinpoint the exact number of hours per day/week, as this is a new job - but it is easier to add hours to an oDesk contract than doing the opposite. If we 'click', I see no reason why this couldn't continue beyond the test contract both in terms of weekly hours (if there is enough work) and in duration.

Of course this is a work-for-pay contract, so I have expectation of work being done according to agreed terms, which also include that any published work you may be the author of will be original (and COPYSCAPE-proof) content (incl. illustrations) AND that you (by accepting the contract and writing for me) also accept that the copyright of your work is being transferred to me. This means that you cannot sell the same article/post etc to another customer later - I have paid for it and I own it!

Just to ensure that you have actually read this lengthy piece and so I can see you are able to understand an instruction, even if it is not presented at the top of a letter, I hereby ask you to start your application to me with the words: Don't ask for money through Paypal.
I reserve the right to delete applications where this is not done - even without reading it.