PCB Design

PCB Design


Job Description

We need a PCB Design Service in order to create prototype boards for:
- ARM A8 CPU board
- Carrier Board
- PCI Board

After prototyping we might need around 10.000 pieces a year

These services we are needing (from one person or multiple)

1) Help to make proper product platform decision
2) Collect all needed technical info for CPU and other components
3) Make Schematics
4) Create Board layout
5) Help to produce first prototypes
6) Help to improve prototypes until full functionally
7) Aldon: Driver and Software-Development - will be separate project


Min. 1 Ghz
Min. 1 Gbye Memory (better 2 gbyte)
2x Gigabit Ethernet
1x pci-e,
1x sata
1x TDM / PCM interface
1x Wifi

The following CPU might be possible:
- Marvel 310/370
- TI AM 3871
- Samsung Exynos 4112
- Allwinner A10s

Skills: prototyping, software-development, design