PHILIPPINES ONLY - Recruiter needed to fill two customer service openings by 5/24


Job Description

We are looking for two candidates to fill customer service openings. We plan on hiring by 5/24.

Their English speaking must be near or as good as this:

If you know someone please email me their contact. Should they be hired you will be compensated at least $25/month for as long as they are employed. Should the person you refer be employed, we will setup a contract on Odesk and make these payments monthly.

The job details are as follows:

Requirements – they MUST be:

- Available to work: Mon – Fri: 11:30pm – 8:30am PHT (one hour break)
- Able to commit to at least a 6 month minimum (NO short term candidates)
- Interested in long-term career growth
- Expert in speaking American-English with very little to no accent
- Have a Windows 7 PC (purchased <= 2 years ago) with either a large monitor (at least 21 inch) or have a dual-display setup.
- Have a high quality over-the-head microphone headset (NOT a built in laptop microphone or a desk microphone)
- Are located in an area where power outages are extremely rare during Mon – Fri: 11:30pm – 8:30am PHT.
- Interested in a starting base salary of between $200 - $250/mo (dependent on experience) in addition to performance incentives. In the first month, you should expect to increase your total pay by at least 20% with continued fast growth thereafter.
- Great at customer service

Keywords (ignore this section): english, telemarketing, customer service, customer support, technical support, chat, email support, translation, sales, telephone, call center, bookkeeping, risk-management, typing, research, helpdesk, writing, SEO, order entry, recruiting, accounting, data entry, internet browsing, proofreading, voice, research, photoshop, marketing, illustrator, adobe, word, excel, powerpoint, access, recruiting, recruiter, BPO

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