PHP, Codeignighter - Full Time must work USA hours

PHP, Codeignighter - Full Time must work USA hours


Job Description

Hi All,
I have a video website and it's done in Codeignighter PHP ....

I need someone to join my team who would be able to work during the day " Eastern TIME CANADA"


You must be an amazing coder! someone who knows how to fix issues and how to devolvep new things and functions for the website..

YOU MUST have a REALLY good understanding of working in a VIDEO website before ....
YOU MUST be great an amazing at coding, and VIDEO is SO IMPORTANT...

the website is a user based website where members have their own page and can upload videos all the time! so you'll need to make sure you are someone who can deal with all types of programming.... from fixing any issue from uploading videos, thumbnails being catputered during the video upload process, to the player...

You need to be good! visit the site and make sure your that person! also you need to be good at working on the server!

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