PHP Dev needed- ( Facebook Login + Share )

PHP Dev needed- ( Facebook Login + Share )


Job Description

Hi, We have a website, it’s an online football game.

We have a normal sign up form but want to add a “Register With Facebook” part to the site.
Once they register the information would be stored in the same area as all our current sign ups and they will be emailed as normal as well.

Also there is a part of the game where you have to select a football team.. After a player does this I’d like them to get a pop up asking them to share it on Facebook. They can close this window or do the share. We should be able to edit the text inputted in to this box.

The Facebook register would also have a login connected with it. So when they come back to the site they can “Sign In With Facebook”

I’ve no idea how much something like this costs. So I’m putting $5 down and I’d like your real quotes. $5 is used as I have to put something in the box.

Please ask me your questions and thanks for reading.

Please show me your work and that you can do this project.

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