PHP Error Handling Help

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Job Description


I'm currently running a website where users signup for a dating service. I collect their signup information in a form and then POST it to the advertiser using their API. I am having a few issues.

1. I get a bunch of users that choose a username that is already taken. I want to add a number at the end of the username they provided, if the error for username already taken is received from the API. Another option would be to give them a message letting them know that the username is already taken and to choose another.

2. I have users that use an email that is already signed up with the advertisers dating site. I want to provide a message that says the email is already in use and give them a chance to provide a different one, if we get this error from the API.

3. I sometimes get UNKNOWN error returned from the advertisers API, so we need to figure out how to capture the error correctly and figure out what the problem is.

So basically I need someone familiar with PHP, maybe CURL and working with API's in this fashion. I'm looking to get all of these taken care of quickly, within a day or two.

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