PHP Membership Order Site To Fullfil Micro Tasks

PHP Membership Order Site To Fullfil Micro Tasks

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Job Description

Problem: We do a lot of small jobs for people that will fullfil and then put our results and tasks completed in an excel file.

PROJECT: We need a website built that will be able to

1) take orders from our infusiionsoft API and create an order page
2) allow members to have thier own dashboard to see thier order status
3) allow us to upload files to the order once fullfiled
4) Allow multiple employees to have their own dashboard to fullfil orders
5) Allow admin to see all orders, order stats, and analytics like fullfilment time
how many open orders, closed orders>
6) Integrate with infusionsoft (which we can help with)

Note: all orders, payments, processing of monies will be done with infusionsoft. We just need the membership site to allow members to see thier orders and status of orders and a admin to see all orders come in.


TO Apply:

Step 1) Give us 2 examples with URLs or screenshots or access to membership sites you have PERSONALLY built.
Step 2) Tell us your PHP experience and how good you are

This job hires in 72 hours... YOU WILL NOT be considered if you do not
write a personal Private message with Step 1 and Step 2 above.

After you PM us with step 1 and step 2 we will do an immediate interview in 24 hours.

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