PHP/MySQL Expert

PHP/MySQL Expert


Job Description

Our previous PHP/MySQL Expert has become ill and is not able to complete our project. We are looking for a replacement. As a result a key skill for this position is the ability to read and understand other people's code.

The project is a custom Attendance Recording, Tracking, and Reporting System using barcode readers. The system operates in "store and forward" mode with each attendance workstation (computer, barcode reader) functioning independently; recording the daily attendance data locally at the database on the workstation.

Once every 24 hours all the independent attendance workstations upload their stored data to a central database by means of a data synchronization script.. Users and administrators access the attendance data over the Internet from the central database. Any new information needed at the workstations, such as names of new users, new barcodes, etc. is downloaded during the daily synchronization. Note: The data synchronization script is already completely written by our Data Synchronization Expert and is not part of the current job posting.

Great HTML and CSS skills are a big plus.

Tell us about about your experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS, and how good you are at reading other coder's work. Note we are looking for people who have scored at least in the 85 percentile in relevant tests.