PHP Programmer using wkhtmltopdf

PHP Programmer using wkhtmltopdf


Job Description

I need a script called by php that will take multiple dynamic web pages created with php with data from mysql and convert it to pdf files on the web server. Web server runs on a linux box on AWS. Up to 30-40 pages need to be converted at one time when the trailer load is saved.

I know enough to see that the HTML needs to be captured on the server, written to a file on the server and then converted to a pdf file. The specific application places 30 carts of product on a trailer with each cart consisting of 1-4 pages for each order. When the 30 carts of product are saved in a Load Sheet, that is when all the orders need to be saved in a pdf format.

The best html/css to pdf converter seems to be wkhtmltopdf, but I am open. The html/css uses div's and float for formatting of the order forms and Load Sheet

Skills: linux, pdf