PHP Programmer


Job Description


The project we are working on involves following technologies:

1) PHP

2) SQLite

3) Twilio

4) XML

5) Linux and Apache

6) HTTP Sessions

We are looking for a PHP programmer who can assist us with the following:

1) Identify the parts of our PHP code that are most likely causing the erratic/inconsistent behavior.

2) Then, if that is successful, take over the project and maintain it moving forward.

3) Then, if that is working out, redesign the application to make it more stable/reliable and more functional.

4) Also, add more significant data tracking for analysis. We have a developer who is building reporting and analytics applications for us but they need us to start tracking about 4 or 5 times as much data as we are currently tracking.

So, in your application, please be very specific why are you a good fit for a project that involves above technologies.

General cover letters will be rejected.

Thank you

Skills: linux, apache

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