PHP developer needed to complete marketplace website


Job Description

We are working on the development of a website platform (a marketplace for jobs).

The code has been completed to a 50% level. The development language employed is Cake PHP.

The design has been completed to an 80% level by our designer and the rest will be completed the next few weeks.

We are looking for a person or a company, with a proven track record, that will use the work that already exists to complete the rest of the work within a reasonable timeframe and budget.

The main features of the website, most of which have been built to a part of full extend are:

• Easy to use CMS to manage page content and images. Admin panel for all the services offered to the site. This panel must be easy in use.
• User accounts with registration.
• User profiles with the following features:
o Each user is both a buyer and a seller (switch)
o Portfolio section
o Recommendations
o Ratings
o Background (CV)
o Direct message
o Favoriting (friending/connecting)
• Job post (with criteria applied)
• Job bidding (with a number of input fields)
• Search for jobs (with filters)
• Search for contractors (with filters)
• Profile/Account management
• Workrooms where contractor and buyer work together for the completion of the project. Features message and file exchange for each project
• Live chat between the user and us
• Forum
• Blog
• Help module (dynamic and static)
• Social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) on key pages for increased interaction.
• Ability to see which users have worked with our Facebook friends (Facebook connectivity required).
• SEO ready with all the important metatags and descriptions of the basic pages and sub-pages. Every sub-page for a new-posted job must have the relevant metatags adhered to it.
• Main language of site is Greek, English as the second one.

Key candidate attributes:
• Proven experience architecting and developing complex marketplace such as this.
• Good knowledge of PHP and Cake PHP.
• Communicative, easy to work within a dynamic, start-up environment comprised of non-technical founders.
• Proven ability in setting and meeting deadlines.

Key Responsibilities
• Structure the website development in key milestones.
• Deliver the website including design and development within a mutually agreed timeframe.
• Respond to reasonable requests from founding team.
• Communicate with founding team on a bi-weekly basis.