PHP / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS3 developer needed

PHP / jQuery / HTML5 / CSS3 developer needed


Job Description


I currently own a website that is based on vBulletin and vbDrupal (a fork of Drupal 5) and need some help making some modifications to the site.

Specifically, I have new HTML designs that I would like to migrate the site to, and I need a programmer to help:
- Code the necessary HTML, CSS, jQuery, vBulletin / Drupal template modifications needed to implement the new look and feel.
- Code the necessary backend logic needed for some of the new functionality. This would involve coding in PHP / HTML / CSS / jQuery to connect to a backend MySQL server and a SOLR engine.

The ideal candidate would have the following skills:
- Strong written / spoken English skills are required
- Experience with Drupal 5 and vBulletin and is able to modify / add / update modules within both.
- Strong skills with HTML / CSS / jQuery / media queries.
- Strong skills in PHP / Javascript / JSON
- Ability to work off of a given look-and-feel and build new pages / functionality that maintains the visual spirit of the website
- Minimum 100 hours logged on oDesk, with work across several different projects.

The job is currently spec'ed as a full-time job. The duration is open ended, if I'm able to find the right person.

Drop me a note and let me know if you're interested. Please make sure you reply to this email with the words "redis is great" in the subject line.


Skills: json, english