PSD to Wordpress developers wanted

PSD to Wordpress developers wanted


Job Description

We are looking for several skilled web developers to work on a project by project basis - what we want is to have a pool of 3-4 web developers to contract out to for each project we get. What we are looking to do is have 3 or 4 contractors who we always use - and we will choose 3 or 4 so if one is busy, we have others we can go to. We will use all of you, and the ones we find are best will get the most work. We will pay on a per theme basis - we are looking at paying $30-$60 per theme on average (some more if there is some custom work involved, or if it will take more time because of features/reponsiveness etc.). And we want a turnaround of 1-3 days per theme. Obviously the faster you complete work, the better it works out for you and the more projects we can give you. We don't mind paying a premium, but you need to show us how you will add that extra value and deliver the extra quality. A must for us is that the work you deliver must be of quality and a very high standard - we're looking for all the sites to be finished to a very high standard and be exactly to our requirements.

The way it will work is, when we get in a new job, we will email you with all the details - and then you will be expected to get on with the job and complete it - asking any questions if you need to.

Almost all of the projects you work on will be Wordpress based - either PSD to Wordpress (PSD's always supplied) or taking a theme and customising to our requirements - but there will be a few PSD to HTML/CSS static sites aswell. Mainly, The job will entail:

1. Theme Development from PSD to Wordpress. Responsive design - most of the themes you create will need to be responsive, cross browser friendly and must have clean, organised code.
2. Wordpress Plugins - modification (tweaking existing plugins) and sometimes developing new ones when necessary.
3. Set up hosting accounts, setup Wordpress on the server and setup plugins on the site.
4. Customising existing WP themes exactly to our requirements - and implementing development features
5. Woocommerce - you should have atleast some experience with woocommerce and know how to integrate it.
6. Adding pages and populating sites with content (text, images, galleries, forms and other basic things etc...)
7. Speed optimisation - speeding up load times

Contractor requirements

We want someone who’s skilled and can take responsibility quickly. In addition, we’re seeking:

1. Experience in: WordPress (you must be an expert - as most projects will be wordpress based), HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP (crucial), MySQL. Experience in several other popular CMS's and other programming languages will be an advantage. Design skills will be an advantage although not necessary.
2. Ability to customise wordpress themes and plugins extensively
3. Good English - communication is key so there should be no language barrier. Your verbal and written english should be to a good standard.
4. Someone who has a solid internet connection and can be on skype while working on a theme

How to apply:

Please only apply if you are a skilled professional with experience in Wordpress and someone who can deliver work on time - there will be a lot of work for you if you are a good fit with us.

1. On the top of your application put: BONGOS - If you do not put this you will be declined straight away. (to filter out copy/paste responses)

2. Samples from your portfolio. List a few sites you've completed and done PSD to WP.

3. Why we should choose you instead of all the other candidates.

4. Your proficiency with English - out of 10.

5. Your rates per PSD file to convert (i.e. $20 for 1, then $15 per additional file. Or just $30 per theme etc...) and how long it takes you to complete a theme on average.

NO copy and paste applications - you WILL be declined if your application looks remotely like a copy and paste.

We only work with Individual Contractors - agencies please do not apply as we will not consider such applications.

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