6-Page Site Development

6-Page Site Development


Job Description

I require a 6-page site developed which included a back-end CMS/admin area - I will provide the .psd's for the design. The specification for the two "core" pages are:

How people will see the new information:
To the buyers, when the person goes to the website he or she will go to a tab called "Our products" (or something like that), on this page they can see our existing products and the new products we just brought on.
On this page you'll be able the sort products by date, category or to search with keyword or tags.

Each product will have a picture, name of the product and a brief description. For more info button will be attached to every picture

On this page called "our products", it will be accessible on the backend and allow us to easily add new products.

Going to the individual product page:

This part of the websites going to be used by buyers, national and international store buyers.

They start by clinking on the picture of the product "our product page" and it will lead them to a "product info page" with possible video's and a break down of information. Here is what some of that info would be:

Product model number
Product Sku & bar code (place in import picture of barcode)
Product size & weight
Units size & weight
Carton size & weight & volume of units
Master-pack size & weight & volume of units
Minimum order quantity
Container volume 20' & 40'
First order shipping time
Product Features and Benefits
links to products website (if they have one)
*TtM (Thought To Market Logo)

Basically what we're looking for is a template page (product infer page) were we can import any product info, any video/s, picture/s.. basically any of the bullet info for all of the products we upload.

Ideally we would like to have a backend where we can upload pictures and videos ourselves and all the content our self.

I don't care how it's done is longest we have some place where we can feel in the information and it will automatically upload it to the proper place with in each template..

I will then have a standard template page and index page needing developed but will be less work that the above.

When buyers go to the "Our Products" page, there is a login were we can give someone a login or they can click and fill out "another form" lol.. just simple info, company name, e-mail, market, number of locations, annual sales, etc. (not to long of a question sheet.) The submit on-line the info. they can create there login name or we use there email. they also create there password. We just approve each account by clinking a button or if we want to have someone who hasn't come to us or filled out the info we can do that for them and send them the approved link with login info pre setup.

Manufactures/Developers can submit products to us (new tab, next to Our Products page) They will be taken to the same form we fill out when filling out the "product info page template" but with little added detail for our records, price on product with volume price breaks. They have the same log-in setup and a buyer.
With this we can have more products sent to us for review in a format we can just click and go live with! If we need to we can make changes before going live and the manufacture can also make changes.. we are just noticed each time what changes they made and to then click if we will allow this changes.

This should not be based on WP, but php.

Please contact me for more information