Part Time JQuery with UI / PHP Experience

Part Time JQuery with UI / PHP Experience


Job Description

In need of a part-time JavaScript UI with JQuery developer, ideally with PHP experience. We are developing a website for child care centers to better manage their business and their documentation needs. I am working primarily on the PHP backend and MySQL, but front-end work is not my expertise.

We are currently building the alpha prototype (maximum functionality, minimum prettiness), but I would still like it to be easy to use and clean looking. The initial work will be CRUD-type things, creating and editing the various objects in JavaScript and interfacing with the PHP backend REST-style.

You will need some basic SQL experience and PHP experience (for when the pages initially load) as well. We're looking for someone 5-10 hours a week, not too fast as often the PHP backends will need to be in place and it won't move at your speed.

In your response, please indicate your familiarity with using javascript to work with a REST interface. Please also indicate that you are the individual that will be performing the work and not an agency.

Looking forward to working with you.