Pen Component Production/Prototyping


Job Description

I need to have produced a variety of small metal parts for the construction of a unique pen design (the genre is "Steampunk"). It is a variety of small brackets, brackets, rods, screws, pins, and other shapes. Approximately 40 small pieces, all in brass or stainless steel.

A few of the larger body pieces will be produced independently using 3D printing or from commercially available parts (ink well and pen nib).

The entire design has been created in Solidworks (CAD) and thus all dimensions are readily available and assembly shown via exploded diagrams and animation. Most of the pieces can be seen in the attached photo . . . the items that are "X"'d or otherwise marked in pink are not needed. Items colored gold are needed in brass, those colored in silver are needed in stainless steel (or equivalent).

Budget is Negotiatable.


Skills: prototyping, design

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