Perpeteum cylinder motion

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Job Description

I need to put this proof in a software modelling of SAP. However, you don't need to know SAP to do this. Only good Physics fundamentals are required.. For this, I need to prove that it's not possible to do this.

This is video of a perpetium mobile and this is of course complete nonsense but I am interested in the forces and total energy balance of this “engine”

The up going part is on a bigger rail which makes the cylinders become bigger, therefore their buoyancy is stronger so they will get an upwards lift. The author claims it will turn eternally but of course what he forgets is that pulling the cylinders open will require a force that (I guess) will slow down the turning. (not sure how you can take that into the equation)

I would like a full calculation of this “turning wheel” and this time also the losses due to the water friction. You can choose the size and number of the cylinders.

I am also interested how the total energy consumption/production will be. And I hope it will be a negative outcome otherwise we just invented a real perpeteum mobile J

Skills: physics