Personal Assistant for Personal Errands

Personal Assistant for Personal Errands


Job Description

Currently i just need someone who search and download .epub and .pdf books or documents for me and then send them to me as an email.

sometimes i will need some research on internet, expecting to receive a resume with just the key points of the findings of the research.

Specially Important: i need a really GOOD english speaker! to avoid miscomunication. if you live or have lived in the united states would be much better.

sometimes i'll need a few calls so the english skill is really important for me.

thanks in advance

PS. i am expecting to pay 2 usd an hour, thats the ammount i am paying to a US-located contractor that is nothing short to spectacular. the only thing is that i dont want to overcharge him, thats the only reason i am searching for other one.

Skills: facebook, twitter, research, english