Personal Assistant to Owner of a Social Media Marketing Firm

Personal Assistant to Owner of a Social Media Marketing Firm


Job Description

I am seeking someone to help me run both my social media business and my home (located in south east England).

The business - - manages my clients' social media profiles and their online PR and marketing on their behalf and the help I need on the business side includes:

- basic bookkeeping
- sending invoices
- paying suppliers
- managing my clients' social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, blogging
- helping me send sales proposals
- submitting online press releases
- promoting events online
- updating clients' online directory entries

The help I need includes keeping track of household bills, direct debits and my household correspondence.

Since I work from home, and almost everyone I meet is a potential client, the line between work and non-work time and activities for me is blurred. I work just about ALL the time, which is why I need help!

The skills and characteristics that the successful candidate will need for this job are:

- Native English speaker (or at least totally fluent - essential)
- organised, trustworthy, sensible and plenty of common sense
- customer service oriented as it might be necessary to call clients from time to time (e.g. to chase payment)
- calm, even when everything seems to be happening at once!
- social media aware, with familiarity of Twitter and blogging etc a real bonus

The main purpose of the job is to reduce stress for me both in running the business and the home, so I am able to both grow the business and create some free time for myself.

Skills: marketing, twitter, facebook, english