Personal Virtual Assistant-

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Job Description

Hi there,

My name is Dwayne and I believe in finding a better way to do things... in all areas of my life. I also believe that to find better ways, one must Think differently and be open and willing to learn from others.

I own a Real Estate Investing company and I have a Coaching/Consulting company.
I have been blessed to have excellent Local Personal Assistants in the past that were "forward thinkers and they basically "took care" of me.

The only reason that they are not with me still is that they both met 'someone' and moved away. Now, I am looking for a long term Personal Virtual Assistant (cant move away..LOL).

Please reply and state what experience/skills you have that would be directly relevant to this position (with links to projects/websites with an explanation of exactly what you did…if necessary)

I'm looking for someone who:

-Can Speak,Read and Write English Fluently
-can handle and respond to email for me
-will manage multiple Email accounts
-will manage multiple calendars
-will book and confirming appointments
-will do online/web comparisons and research
-is very familiar with gmail/google services
-is familiar with email marketing and autoreponders
-is familiar with social media marketing
-will manage/tag/update youtube accounts and videos
-will manage Facebook fan pages
-will manage twitter accounts
-will organize and manage virtual events(webinars and conference calls)
-will research and book travel itineraries
-will organize,manage and tag photos/videos
-can price/cost analysis of expenses
-do some voice transcriptions(i now have computer software to most of it)
-is familiar wordpress and some html to edit/make website posts
-can work partial full-time(Pacific) CAN hours
-enjoys their work(important!)
-is WILLING to LEARN new things and Learn to THINK Differently
-has a laid-back attitude and is adaptable to change
-is available on Skype during working hours(video/voice preferred)

I have 2 young kids and my wife also has a home based business, that is integrated into our life and business, so very often there may be personal tasks that aren't directly related to my business. ( Like organizing my wife…. this is sometimes more important than some business tasks)

You must be able to prioritize tasks and even sometimes make me prioritize the task i give you. I often have many ideas/tasks on the go at the same time.

Remember, this is an ongoing position! We're looking for someone who is really cool and can GROW with our businesses and our family…So DO NOT APPLY if you have 'other' open jobs or projects or activities that would interfere or distract you from focusing on us.

Over the next few weeks, I am hiring a few people to be part of our team, so i am looking to assemble the BEST cooperative team, not just the best person. If you want to be a part of a special team of bright individuals then this might be for you.

Also do me a favor and reply with quote "5 Star" in the subject line, so I know you're a real person and you actually took the time to read the entire posting;)

I'll PM job applicants I like it set up a Skype session for an interview.


PS-. Also check out our existing websites… and let me know what ideas/skills you have that might be of value to us.

Skills: english, research, gmail, youtube, facebook, twitter, analysis, video, marketing