Pet food manufacturing plant

Pet food manufacturing plant


Job Description

We are seeking process engineering candidates who are able to design a small modular pet food manufacturing plant.

Candidates with experience working with global pet food companies in the design of their factories or candidates with experience working with suppliers to the pet food manufacturing industry are encouraged to apply.

We are seeking to built a new factory and require candidates with experience designing a plant from start to finish i.e. ingredient arrival through to final packing and dispatch. This will include dough mixing, extrusion, cooking to kibble and packaging machinery.

The candidate will understand and be able to design:
1) What type of equipment is required and how to select this?
2) The optimum configuration of this equipment and the layout of a factory including ingredient storage and mixing, chemical storage, computer control systems, conveyor systems, waste management, ovens and drying systems etc.
3) Which equipment suppliers should be invited to tender for the project.

Good english is required as is experience in designing floor layouts and integrating the full pet food manufacturing process.

This will be a 6 month part time project for the correct candidate and we ask the candidate to submit a cover letter and resume outlining their engineering experience and some examples of the companies they have worked for.

Thank you for your interest.
Managing Director

Skills: engineering, english