Phone Sales

Phone Sales


Job Description

Returning home owners voicemails & data-entry. You will be using Ring Central, HighriseHQ, Google Docs, Skype, Join ME and email.

You must be able to speak English clearly without a heavy accent
You must be able to understand English
You must be able to spell and write in English
You must be able to communicate vis video Skype
You must work 9 to 5 Eastern Standard Time

If you are interested in this position please follow these instructions very carefully. Only candidates who follow these instructions will be considered for this position.

1. Please tell me your Name and the City and Country you live in
2. Please provide me with your Skype ID
3. Please create a 1 to 3 minute YouTube video explaining why you feel you would be the best candidate for this position and one reason why I may not want to consider you for this position.