Phone numbers

Phone numbers


Job Description

I am a Real Estate Salesman, a Realtor.

I need a person that can find me phone numbers of people that i want to call.
I hope u have worked with other Real estate agents and know how to find phone numbers either have your own ways of finding numbers and i will give you the names and addresses of who to look for.
You must be nice and eager to work. The hours are flexible as long as i get my results.
I will also need u to post on C.L. and if u know some SEO for my websites that will work.
Please tell me what websites you have used and will use to search phone numbers and how you would expose my websites more as I also have a catering business what u will be helping me expose on the Internet , BUT THE PRIMARY JOB WILL BE FINDING ME PHONE NUMBERS.
It seems very simple and please ask me all the questions you will need to be able to do this job effectively again if you have experience its a plus and have references is a big plus.
I am looking for a long term assistant to work with for years and I'm backed up in finding numbers so at first u will work more than 40+ hours a week if u are up for it.

Please have experience in finding phone numbers tell me which ones u are comfortable with as I know of about ten of them
I look forward to hiring you😃