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Phonegap/ Website Design


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Please read the entire description before you respond! I will not consider your bid otherwise! Reply accordingly in your message!I need integrated phonegap, mobi-cart, wordpress and then I need some sort of plugin to manage banner ads for the app but from wordpress.

The score keeping system would be similar to . The data should be posted to my website or server from the phone app and then fetched from the server to update results on the phone app. I would like your understanding of this project described in detail! Th score system should be logged into from the phone app. However, an account would need to be setup for each team to have an admin that can control the score system/ stats for each team. They would fill out a form and then be approved as a scoring admin. From the site they can set the sponsors and upload banner ads for each event. Users can view the event based on their team. These are high school and little league teams for soccer, basketballs, wrestling, football and any other sport. So, each sport will be different.

There is an image disclosed. This an image for how I want it made. If you have feedback on how to improve any of this then please dont hesitate to email me!

This is a mobile App that I would like to have hosted through Brightcove App Cloud or PhoneGap. The phone app would have a bottom menu that has Sports, Schedule of events, Loyalty Points and deals. The games portion of it would have sporting events that are currently going on during that day. At the event, admin users can submit information about the game and give everyone that is not there a real time update. I would like to use a scrollable dial that custom designed for each sport. For instance, if the sport that was being watched is wrestling, then one dial would have the weight class, the next dial would have the points scored, and the next dial would have the period that the score occurred and the last dial would have the team that scored the point. Admin users can also submit comments on the match as it occurs. Once it is completed, a transcript will be available on the website and in the app.The next tab would be the Schedule of sports events. In this slide you can submit events that will occur and people can click on attending if they will be attending this event.The tab next to that would have the loyalty points. This tab would be linked to the concession stands. The stands owners would need an app to view the points that the customer has. Each purchase made at the snack bar would give the customer some loyalty points. The points are tied to the venue so points would be different for each venue.The deals tab is something that I would go into depth with later.I would like to somehow incorporate social engagement through points in some sort of way, this too can be figured out later. Id like to link this to the website somehow as well.

This project may have to include web development on your end as well. If that is so, then let me know. Become creative, will you use Magento, wordpress or html? I made a website which is wordpress. If you would like to add a section to that site for live events and use that then let me know.I am looking for someone who can help me and be more than just a one time provider. If you can manage to make a deal then I would be willing to pay commission, or just a flat rate for your services. Im open to either!Lastly, I would like to be able to adjust the local advertisers. Id like to place them in the app. Im looking forward to hearing from you!

Skills: design, android-development, iphone-development

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