Photorealistic 3D render of a product box

Photorealistic 3D render of a product box


Job Description


I need a good quality, photo-realistic 3D model and render (2-3 images with different angles/set) of a product we are designing.

The product is very similar to a chocolate box, the final model would look something like this:

The package is very similar to this one, however, the contents are different. The box contains chili peppers and a protective pair of glass.

The objects to model:

- box with a mat texture and a logo on it (similar to the one above)

- 5 different model of chili peppers, something like:

- one pair of protective glass, looks like this:

We provide:
- logo on the box
- rough sketches of the product to see ratios etc
- any other requested information

The render has to look like the final product would. Please only apply with references and give an estimate of hours needed.