Photoshop Graphic Design With SWF Animation

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Armis is a high strategy board game created in the USA for worldwide enjoyment, it provides a daily brain workout online in over 130 countries

Your job is to use photoshop to create a SWF animation, your work will be the FACE of the official website. You will NOT do any game coding

Here is a page component breakdown:

1) Frame, Background, & Fade
2) Atlas
3) Title
4) Sub Title / Motto
5) Stars
6) Select’ line
7) Team’ line w/buttons
8) Skill’ line w/buttons
9) Play’ line w/buttons
10) Start” button

Step by step Instructions:

1) Frame, Background, & Fade - start with a 1200 x 828 box

a) Frame - royal blue crown molding with a thin gold line accent

b) Background - the overall look should be refined, understated, yet impressive starting with the background. Here are some references please do not copy them: :

c) Fade - the background color is royal blue at the top, which fades down the background page to white with the greatest transition occurring at the atlas equator (see below)

2) Atlas - a silver outline (not brighter than stars) of the world atlas occupies the top 2/3s of the page, The atlas will form the foundation layer for the title and motto

Upon entry on the page player will only see silver atlas outline, the atlas will morph into the word ARMIS, then the motto arrives below the title, then the atlas reforms behind it with stars taking their place and twinkling as rest of page loads

3) Title - “Armis” - "Armis' (w/ tiny "TM" for Trademark at bottom right of word") is the heart of the work, font style same as currently use gold tone

4) Sub Title / Motto - "Where Wisdom Always Wins" fits under the title w/no overhang - the title SHOUTS, while the mottos follows with a whisper, use times roman font

5) Stars - The stars represent the states in the US and the countries in the world in which Armis is played. the following list represents the countries where Armis is played in descending order of frequency. .Scatter stars all over the US (not alaska) then according to list: (5 stars) philippines, India, Bangladesh, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Pakistan, Serbia, Romania, Australia, Russia, Slovakia, (4 stars) Italy, Macedonia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Tunisia, Hungary, Spain, (3 stars) Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Algeria, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Senegal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ireland, Nicaragua, Belgium, Portugal, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, South Africa, Colombia, Finland, Israel, Taiwan, Venezuela, Armenia, Lithuania, Belarus, Mali, Guam, South Korea, Latvia, United Arab Emirates, (1 star) Switzerland, Nigeria, Norway, Thailand, Turkey, Denmark, Mongolia, Qatar, Uganda, Japan, Yemen, Jamaica, Peru, Estonia, Trinidad and Tobago, Bolivia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Georgia, Slovenia, Austria, Chile, Iran, Uruguay, Togo, Belize, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Guatemala, Montenegro, China, Palestine, Albania, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Maldives, Tanzania, Brunei, Gambia, Cambodia, Panama, Paraguay, Sudan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Guernsey, Iraq, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Northern Mariana Islands, Malta, French Polynesia, Réunion, El Salvador, and Kosovo

6) ‘Select’ line - the bottom 1/3 of the page is for options and buttons This section is headed with the word “SELECT” centered on the line

Using the left side of the title as a margin situate the words "Team", "Skill", and "Play" within that margin so that they are vertically aligned without effecting any of the other info on their respective horizontal lines

7) ‘Team’ line w/buttons - two oval buttons with gold perimeters on the line, each with gold text writing centered within it, the first burgundy color that says “Red”, and the second forest green color that says “Green’

8) ‘Skill’ line w/buttons -. three oval buttons with gold perimeters, each with gold text writing centered within it, the first White color that says “Good”, and the second Gray color that says “Better’, and the third Black color that says “Best”

9) ‘Play’ line w/buttons - two oval buttons with gold perimeters on the line, each with gold text writing centered within it, the first forest green color that says “Setup’, and the second burgundy color that says “1st Move”

10) “Start” Button - this button should be about 25% larger than the other buttons, this should be centered

NOTE - each time the viewer/player clicks on a button the rim will light up, if they click the same button a second time it will deselect. After 1 selection has been made on each of the three selection lines will the start button light illuminate, at that point the player may click the start button

There is NO DEADLINE if you show constant progress.