Php website with GIT and php framework

Php website with GIT and php framework


Job Description

Whatt we want is have a ACL based system with API
so for users module ,we can have users and users types with permissions and we can have project module to create projects(branches) to work on

FTP support to be able to pull files from remote location or upload from local folder.

There is app called "Ace" opensource code editor so live code edit realtime. and deploy and preview on temporary branch with one click anytime.. so testing the code until got it right and once got the code correct commit the work on real branch with one click

got the idea ?
there is not much diff with gitlab and github idea is the same, backend is GIT...

basically we looking for kind of same thing but having our own method, users will create projects with repos and branches and will be able to edit,test,deploy,preview,commit,push the code on site without needing to clone it on their own pc..

you need to use one of this framework cakephp,codeignetor,zend,symfony2

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