Pick out the highlights from health videos


Job Description

We have about 40 hours of videos from different health experts. We want to take the best content and make it into 65 highlight videos that are each between 3 and 7 minutes. You would need to watch the videos and pick out what the best parts of the video were. 9 of the videos are highlight videos of 9 different people who gave lectures. 4 of the videos are promotional videos and 52 videos are for our weekly newlstetter. For the 52 weekly newsletter you would also have to choose a topic that the video is on. You would watch the lectures and decide what highlights to put together to make a weekly newsletter. You would take all the highlights about exercise and put them in one highlight video of 3-7 minutes and use that as the exercise newsletter. The next video you might find all the highlights on vitamin b-12 and title that highlight video b-12. The next video you might highlight content on avoiding sugar and make that into a video.To Summarize

1) Watch health, nutrition and environmental videos
2) Write down the minutes and seconds to stop and start. You might say take from 2:08 until 2:23 and then again from 8:16 until 8:42 and again from 23:12 until 24:01 etc
3) After writing down when to start and stop , the total amount of highlights that you should have should be between 3 and 7 minutes
4) We will give your start and stop times to the video editor who will make a highlight video from your notes.
5) You want to cut out the most interesting, important, exciting, meaningful parts of the lecture. Its kind of like watching a movie and then making a movie trailer to put on tv so that others will want to see it.
6) There are a total of 65 highlight videos that we want to make and we would like to get 5 or more a week from you until they are completed. Ideally 10 a week.
7) You must have an understanding of health, nutrition and the environment to know what is important and what isn't.
8) You will be watching a lot of videos so you must have a strong internet connection.

Please explain what your interest is in health, nutrition and the environment. Please make sure you like watching videos and lectures on health. The lectures you watch are very interesting and educational.

Thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you. Please let us know if you have done anything like this.

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