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Job Description

Hey There,

My name is Tal, and I’m part of Pluralis- a new crowd sourced marketplace for Landing Page Optimization.
I have a great offer for you in which you can choose to work on an hourly rate, or on a fixed orice with a possible bonus- either way this is meant to be a long term none exclusive contract which can be very rewarding and educational to the contractors I choose.

What is Pluralis?
Pluralis is a platform that connects online businesses that want to change their landing pages so they’ll be more “user friendly” and generate more conversions, with a community of creative optimizers that consists of copywriters, web designers and other internet marketers.
First of all- what do I mean by conversions? Conversion means more visitors turned into customers. More visitors fulfilling whatever action the business owner wants them to perform- whether it’s purchasing his product, signing up, registering, or whatever.
This is called CRO- Conversion Rate Optimization.
How do you optimize a landing page for conversion?
There are many ways, but it could be due to a change in text (therefore if you’re a good copywriter you can be a good optimizer), a change in the design of the page - the call to action button is very important for example (therefore if you’re a web designer you can be a good optimizer) or it can be a combination of both. Also if you are familiar with the internet world you can do good, because you have a better understand of what visitors need in order to become customers (therefore if you’re an online marketer, you can become a good optimizer).
How do these contests work?
The client opens a contest on his landing page through Pluralis. The members of our community get notified, enter the contest and start making changes on the client’s landing page using our on-page editor. The client can give feedback, and eventually he chooses the copies he liked best for A/B testing. In the testing you get to actually see which copy is converting better= turning more visitors into customers. The landing page which did the best is declared the winner and gets a reward that can range from $300- $5000!!!

What do I want from you?

As we’re always on a mission to strengthen our community and get more winners in our contests, we’re always evaluating new business models.
With the current compensation model, the community is not receiving money for offering a copy, but if they win they get that awesome reward which is split between us and the winner. 70% winner, 30% Pluralis.

In addition to that I would also like to hire oDesk contractors, in 2 different contracts:

1. Hourly rate: Hourly based contractor will be compensated for the hours they work, but will not be eligible to the reward if they win a contest. They will be credited for their victory, get community points and gain great reputation (which can lead to work with clients who choose you directly), but the reward will go in full to Pluralis.

2. Fixed price: This fixed price will change from contractor to contractor and will normally be close to the hourly rate. The contractor which will work with a fixed price will also be eligible to 50% of the reward if he wins the contest.

The work contract is per contest. A contest opens in Pluralis, and then according to our needs and the contest’s needs I hire oDesk contractors.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this email - this is meant to be an on-going contract between you and us, and this can be a very rewarding one. Throughout the contract you're also welcome to enter contests on your own and be eligible to win 70% of the reward offered to the winner (like in the existing business model). Also being part of Pluralis introduces you to a field you may have not known before. This is a great learning opportunity after which you may be able to add CRO to your oDesk resume.

This is not your every day job- this is better than that!! This is exciting work which can put lots of money in your pocket and lots of knowledge in your bag of skills.

To understand more about how the community works you can watch this video:

And you can also visit our website:
Let me know if this interests you, will be happy to give more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Skills: design, marketing