Pluralis is looking for great, open minded internet marketers

Pluralis is looking for great, open minded internet marketers


Job Description

Hey There,

The reason that this is a different and interesting job offer is because we’re offering you not just the fixed fee you see in this offer, but also the opportunity to win thousands of dollars. This can be a very rewarding long term, non-exclusive work contract that could be worth a lot of money for you. Please read through, and I would love to talk about it afterwards.

My name is Tal, and I’m part of Pluralis- a new crowd sourced marketplace for Landing Page Optimization.

What do we do? We connect online businesses that want to improve the conversion rate of their landing pages with a community of creative optimizers, ROI oriented copywriters, web designers and internet marketing professionals. The client creates an optimization contest on his landing page. The optimizers enters the contest and make changes on the client’s landing page using our on-page editor. After A/B testing, our system objectively points on the best landing page copy and the winning optimizer receives a great performance based reward.

To get a better understanding of how this works, check out this video:

What do I want from you?
As we’re always on a mission to strengthen our community and get more winners in our contests, we’re always evaluating new business models.
With the current compensation model, the community is not receiving money for offering a copy, and they can win great rewards- From $1,000 to $5,000 and even more. The reward is split between the winner and Pluralis. 70% of the reward goes to the winner, 30% to Pluralis.
Now, in addition to that, I would like to hire a few oDesk professionals such as yourself to enter certain contests. For these contests, if you’ll get hired, you will get paid through oDesk regardless of winning or not. You will be asked to create the best version of the landing page you can- whatever you think will make the page in the contest convert better and except for the money we will pay you regardless through oDesk, you will also be eligible to win the performance based reward, only in this case the reward will be split 50/50 between you and us. The rewards normally range from $800 to $5000 and more…
This model will only work on contests we specifically invite you to join through oDesk and you will be expected to join within 24 hours of the time we request your participation. Regardless, as a community member, you will always be welcome to join contests we haven’t invited you to, and be eligible to win 70% of that great reward.

The copy you submit must be good!! We will be highly disappointed if we see you changed one word or moved one content block and submitted. We are expecting highly creative thinking and professional execution.
This can be an ongoing contract between you and us, and a very rewarding one. It’s not intense exclusive work, as we will ask you to enter contests here and there, not all the time or every day. Also entering contests doesn’t take so long, normally between an hour to a few hours- so this is definitely one of those jobs you can do while doing other jobs on oDesk.
This is it more or less. I will be happy to give you a demo so you’ll understand how to enter a contest, and edit a landing page using Pluralis. You can also watch this video tutorial which explains the whole process:

Please get back to me as quickly as possible since we have contests open now that I would love to invite you to join.



Skills: marketing, on-page, video