Polls with many questions

Polls with many questions


Job Description

Important: I just put any amount in the budget cause you have to tell me what you would ask for this job.

I would be interested if it is possible to programme something for the module POLL so I can put in more questions than just one. Similar to the function of the quiz module. So I would like to have the POLL working like a questionary.

And what would be the cost and how fast could it be solved?

More info on the job:
There should be an analysis for each question in the questionary (ie. question 1 option "yes" 85%, option "no" 15%, question 2 option "never" 40%, option "always" 60% and so on) - but actually the poll module has it already (but just for one question) and for sure the whole thing must be useable for language packages. Unlimited questions for the questionary and also the chance to print it out as a nice form or something. Admin or creator of the questionary must be able to hide the results (or he can choos to make the results public).
And something very important: it must be possible that there can be put in a text from the members as the answer to a question. So a blank field should also be possible to choose when creating a question for a questionary. With that the member could type in his answer for that question.

The normal poll already offer a photo upload with each question. I would also need the option to upload a video with each question (photo or video with each question).


Skills: analysis, import, video