Post-Frame Building Engineer

Post-Frame Building Engineer


Job Description

Please read the entire listing before you apply.

Madrona Engineering is a structural design firm. We work exclusively on post-frame buildings, also called pole buildings or "pole barns." We are seeking a civil / structural engineer or engineering technician to help with a growing work load.

This will be an ongoing job for a well-qualified candidate.

Your duties will include:
Create structural reports and calculations for Post Frame buildings.
Open AutoCAD drawings in a viewer and print relevant images to PDF.
Understand and use our Excel spreadsheet template to calculate vertical and lateral (wind & earthquake) forces on the building.
Calculate size of posts, beams, purlins, girts, footings.
Use "PDFill" or similar PDF editor to compile the drawings and calculations into a single PDF document.

We will provide the following:
Excel spreadsheet based on the International Building Code (IBC) and training on how to use it.
Overview and training on how Post-Frame buildings work.
Relevant software for the work if you don't already have it.

To Apply:
1) Please respond to this posting with your qualifications.
2) Include a brief explanation of a "bending moment" and "section modulus" and how the two are related. (If they are).
3) Tell me the three primary modes of failure in a simple-span, uniformly-loaded beam. If you're still reading, please also mention why the sky is blue. <grin>

If you make it into the final selection group, I'll give you a simple post-frame building to engineer. If you do a great job, you could be the newest member of the Madrona Engineering team!

An example of the type of structural report you'll be creating is attached.

Good luck!

B. Craig Olson, PE
Owner, Madrona Engineering

Skills: engineering, autodesk-autocad, design, mathematics

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