PowerBasic code to Delphi console app


Job Description

I have an old PowerBasic DOS program that I need to have converted to a Delphi 7 console app. The source code is a little bit more than 500 lines. You can find the source code at:


The problem with the PowerBasic code is that it runs out of memory due to the large array dimensioning at the outset of the program:

│ Dim TopicFiles$(1:2000)
│ Dim TopicStrings$(1:2000)

Anything more than a few thousand elements in a text string array causes the program to exhaust all of the available memory.

I need the program to handle up to at least 50,000 elements in a String array.

I've set the budget at $5, which is solely for the purpose of making sure the bidder bids the project, rather than bid the budget. I do not expect bids of $5. I am setting the budget at $5 because I want to make it clear that I expect bids higher than $5. In the past if I would set a budget of $x, bids would always come in or around $x. So by posting a ridiculously low bid, it should signal that I want the developer to put some thought into their bid, rather than just trying to match what was posted.

Important: Do not send me EXEs in the attempt to win the project. Too often bidders will write code, send me the EXE, even before they win the project. No EXEs will ever be accepted at any time during the project.

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