PowerMTA installation+setting


Job Description

- Install Interspire Email Marketing (With Multiple MTA ADDON)
- Install the Database
- Connect to slave dedicated servers to send the mail

- Main Server
I can't use the Main Server to send emails directly because if the main IP
is blacklisted all the Outgoing mails is blacklisted (and arrives in SPAM)
This Main server will only be used as the main hub and house my leads and create campaigns and monitor stats.

Slave / MTA Server:
I will use the Slave Server to: ( I will provide these servers and /24s) 8gb min.

- Send Outgoing emails
- Relay closed only for Main Server (Protecting Main IP and Domain)
- Configure SPF/DKIM/RDNS
- SMTP Server Optimization
- SMTP Server Cache implementation
- SMTP Smart Engine to manipulate the outgoing mails
- SMTP Smart Engine to manipulate the Bounced Mails
- Rotate the outgoing IP based in Domain (sender-from:) ie:
domain1.com: assigned
domain2.com: assigned

domain3.com: assigned
domain4.com: assigned
domain5.com: assigned

Mails with send-from:
domain1.com we will use the IP
domain2.com we will use the IP
- Adjust the PMTA script to optimize for best delivery and not break the speed limit rules but the major isps
- Setup bounce script to send bounces to proper email box and then suppress them
- setup all fbls
- setup to be able to send the MAX emails out per day yet still inbox
- setup reputation management for / blacklists / SPAMHAUS monitoring /sender score
- also anything that may come up or you may have in your bag of tricks to help inbox

- Optimize MySQL/PostgreSQL Server for operations
- Set up DKIM Signing, RDNS, PX, MX & SPF records, DNS and + ISP complaints loop
- Manage FBL's and proactively keep our IP's clean
- Configure the front end server & MTA to work quickly & securely
- Optimize for inbox delivery to major non-GI (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.)
- Enable MTA side email suppression lists (so if a bad email is sent from the front end server, the MTA's will suppress the email.)
- Manage sending and IP Reputation with major ISPs.
- Proactively clean dirty IP's
- General day-to-day Email-Server administration
- ReturnPath content monitoring tools to spotlight content-related emails delivery issues.
- Ensure infrastructure, bounce handling and spam complaints are up to the best industry standards for maximum emails delivery - Monitor deliverable stats on a daily basis, and be prepared to provide weekly reports to us .
- Resolve any ISP delivery issues .
- Understanding of email deliverable issues and major ISPs’ current practices.

This is an ongoing job and we will require part-time initially which will turn into full-time.

Please don't apply if you don't have deep and long experience with that kind of work.

Skills: marketing, management, gmail, yahoo, administration