Pragmatic Grails/Frontend Developer

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We have an exciting new project and we're in the market for Fronend
Developers for a new, exciting application.

Ok, we're lying: Its to redo a web store, but we always look for challenge, so we're porting an existing PHP app (booring) to Grails hosted under a PaaS.

Ideal candidates are:
- Verbose, Spirited, with a quick wit
- Able to express concerns without someone needing to push with a stick
- Write quality-clean code
- Friends of Git or better yet: Mercurial
- Is able to speak / attend conferences (stand-up style) in English to make our PM happy
- Likes to use Vagrant-based environments

Skills we're looking for:
- Groovy / Grails: Able to create and develop actions at the very least
- CSS, and its friends
- Some Javascript, and we're looking at jquery / angular / backbone)
- Spring, Guice, iBatis or other ORM

(notice we're not asking for HTML skills)

Will be given special attention if you, by any chance, do:
- Have code published in Github relating to the subjects above
- Know PaaS Platforms (we're looking at cloudfoundry in particular)
- Knows Maven, Automated Testing, and Continuous Delivery Tools and Techniques

So get in touch, write a great cover letter. You'll be subject to a test assignment - which we'll accept your hourly rate, no questions asked, and evaluate your performance as a spike and see if our relationship has enough charm.

Actually, state in your cover letter if you find us nuts or curse us - We know we ask for high things, but rest assured we'll have not only a great team, but a great project for a great product, and we'll be all hands on deck to make sure you'll sharpen your skills for it.

Thank you

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