Prediction of a LTE handover part 1

Prediction of a LTE handover part 1


Job Description

1 part.

1) Create a simple network of 19 cells (fig1.jpg). Each cell has the shape of a hexagon. Middle of the cell has BTS. BTS have entirely the same parameters. The network should be implied on the map (eg Google maps or another simple map (fig2.jpg)). Must be applied following parameters: - Path loss; - Interference; We assume omni-directional antennas F = 2500 MHz

2) User. Create user (car), which should be moving according to "Manhattan mobility model" (UE moves only along streets \ squares). Starting place is in the first 7 cells (center site). Motion model must be modified, so we certainly have observed several handovers.

Points: a) We will monitoring signal strength;
b) Model of propagation: 1) - [4.2 Propagation (Path Loss) Models] or,
2) LTE: The Evolution of Mobile Broadband [page 50, system models]
c) Parameters BS and MS: LTE: The Evolution of Mobile Broadband;
d) Graphs. (trace of user, signal for 1 cell)
e) Explanations (comments) for all operations in code;

You can ask me any question.