Prepare news summary from select sources

Prepare news summary from select sources


Job Description

This is a unique job. You will work for a busy executive preparing new summary from various sources. It will require someone who can think for themselves and turn a task into a passion. Not for the person who just follows instructions but rather for someone interested in reading a vast amount of news and thinking about how to pick out stories that will be needed by the client.

Regular hours will be required, 4 days a week. MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY your local time. Approx 2 hours a day. Please state what hours you could work on these days for 2 hours only.

You will be responsible for surfing a set list of sites plus spending a small amount of time looking for new sources. You will be provided a list of "themes" to watch for. You will cut and paste the print edition of the most important stories into one daily email and send it. You will ask questions and respond to feedback, constantly adjusting the way you create the news summary.

In essence you will get paid to become more intelligent and more informed every day! If you live behind a country which censors news or sites please do not apply. I am sorry, but this will not be productive.

To apply please tell something about yourself, your interests, and your language skills. Also please indicate the exact hours you could do this job. You must be an excellent reader of English. You will have about 20 sources a day to check and will have to think on your feet.

Remember, its limited hours for now but I anticipate this to be ongoing. I am also interested in persons who have advanced degrees, international or diplomatic experience, news experience, etc.

Form written applications will be deleted. I look forward to reading your careful responses and possibly starting a long term relationship with one candidate.