Preventive Maintenance ON LINE Data Base

Preventive Maintenance ON LINE Data Base


Job Description

There are basically three different projects:

A) Design an on line data base program that will post reports, follow up information and equipment status per a designated preventive maintenance program. This program will also provide report templates and allow the user to choose the type of service that was done to the equipment. (Note: this site would have to be accessed through out main website with a user and password)
Needs to meet with the following objectives:

1.Provide a clear and visual data in dashboard format in regards to the equipment’s status
2.Provide a method of auto responders for follow up requirements
3.Provide report templates for the various types of services we do like inspections and calibrations. The reports will then be saved on-line for easy customer access with a password
4.Maintain historical data on equipment
5.Reports will need to have various graphs and ability to up load pictures.
6. Site needs to be crisp, professional and able to maneuver quickly.

B) Upgrade existing website ( and maintain.

C) Enhance an existing customer data base.

More detailed information can be given if interested.

Skills: design