Prezi Designer Needed!

Prezi Designer Needed!


Job Description


We're a branding studio located in DTLA looking for a talented designer who's knows how to do great Prezi. Our team has already written the copy and developed the overall look, now it's up to you to tell the story and make it work.

Must have a Prezi we can see to get a sense of your style.

This Prezi is a sales presentation for a well known boutique realty company, that wants to do something really different and creative. We have a concept already for the look and feel, and the basic storyboard overview.

The style needs to be simple, creative, bold and clean. Super modern. Something that would resonate with a creative businessperson.

If you're a Prezi person, with a passion for doing the Prezi thing, we wanna hear from you!

Thanks for your interest.