Printer Driver Spooler Control Firmware Hardware Utility SDK API Developer Programmer


Job Description

First page out in less than 2 seconds is our goal. Most printers manufacturers claim they can print x amount of pages per minute. Some manufacturers claim their printer can print the first page out in less than 8 seconds. The challenge is that we print 1 page every few seconds and each page is a new print job. The printer goes into sleep mode between each print job and therefore takes about 6-8 seconds to print the next page. We would like to reduce this time to less than 2-3 seconds. Not sure how but one possible way is but forcing the printer to stay awake or make the printer believe the new print job is part of the previous job which will result the next page print as fast as the 2nd page of a 2 page print job. For now we only print black (no colors) and occupy less than 5% of the page. We are willing to buy any printer but right now have both Brother and HP printers which supposed to be the fastest first page out printers in todays market.

Skills: firmware-development

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