Pro-WordPress Developer Required, Hiring in 3 hours.

Pro-WordPress Developer Required, Hiring in 3 hours.


Job Description

WebEntrepreneur.WS is a network of professional freelancers from all over the world to help businesses grow and succeed on the web and today i want to hire a great word-press developer having experience of developing Wordpress plugins from start to end.

Please start your application by answering our Questions and then add your cover letter and other information. Applicants who fail to follow the instructions will be rejected.

How to Apply:
Please answer these questions in details :

1 ) Who are you? Please introduce yourself in short giving your
background and general experience information.

2 ) Tell us more about your PHP experience?

3 ) Tell us more about your WordPress experience?

4 ) Please send us one link each to show us your best work related to :
a. UI design and development
b. WordPress portal (Focus on Functionality)
c. Some multi-functional cool features.

5) Please let us know if you have experience in working with google maps.

Impress us by above and we would proceed to the next round consisting
of an interview and a trial assignment.

Who we are?
We are Website Development, Online Marketing, Strategic Consulation European organization.

Whom are we looking for?
We are looking for a great, methodical, organized, self-motivated and
self-managed Wordpress developer to be a core contributor in the development of our WORDPRESS Portals.
The developer should be a master of everything in Development:
User Experience, Database Management, Debugging and more with regards to Web design and integration.

Required Skill Set:
1. Strong foundation in OOP principles
2. Clean and SIMPLE code (functions must be less than 50 lines)
3. Understanding VCS basics. We are using Subversion
4. Ability to code software according to published standards and
design guidelines
5. Javascript w/ jQuery
7. Important - Wordpress core knowledge. Actions, filters, request
hooking, ajax hooking, data forwarding to javascript, etc.
8. Knowledge of database architecture and design
9. Ability to communicate in both written and spoken English.
10. A commitment to quality and a thorough approach to work.

What we don't need: Someone who has to look up everything in Google,
works slow, wastes time.
Instead : High Quality Web Developer with excellent development skills.

How we work:
The best ideas win, and we don’t have any layers of management to
fight through. You’ll be directly involved in all the decisions and
discussions. You should thrive on responsibility and enjoy earned

The developer will typically be assigned several deadlines over a
given period, and is expected to effectively manage his or her time to
meet those deadlines.

You would definitely love working with us!!!
We believe in challenging work done at the speed of light and solving
problems without creating new ones. We take pride in how we build our
Portals. We discuss and debate what features really matter, and more
importantly, which features don’t. This gives us the freedom to make
the right decisions and the satisfaction of seeing those decisions
applied in real life.

You won’t just be implementing just the basic features. We’re looking
for someone who wants to make an impact. We need you to take our
Portals and service to the next level by delivering big picture
solutions. We build for the end user.

Make no mistake:

You better bring your A game.
Only apply if you have the goods.
Tough situations and challenges make you queasy, then this is not for you.
Do you need a lot of hand holding and explaining? Then keep on moving.