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the job is to develop an app which will work very similar to this App: web

I would supply all images - and you will tell me what else you need.

- should have included admob on the top (and i should be able to disable or enable with just blocking the code (you llet me know where i should block it) - i would submit the admob code.

This App will help users to find the perfect product for her style.
-the user opens the app, a default Menu will appear

- The Menu will have:
1. questions
2. videos
3. Tips
4. portafolio of products

1. a questionary: a selection of questions that will lead user to see the perfect mach and perfect product for her to use based on her answers. She will have to answer each one of the questions in order to see the picture of the product and description of it. Ones user reads and sees the product will be able to tap the product and be redirected to the brands web page.

2. Videos: youtube videos of the brand. I will provide you all the links and commercial videos.

3. Tips: There will be tips given to the users, the tips will come form the brands web page. i will provide the information.

4. Portafolio: user will be able to see all the portfolio of the brand. I will provide all the images of the products.

Enclose a brief of the menu and questions... so you can have a look on it and see how the app will work out.
We will provide all texts and images, ones the designer has finished.

please apply if you really are able to do it, and if you are able to do it in the time frame of 1 month.

Best Regards

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