Product Consultant

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

- Read the job post before applying. Ignore instructions => SPAM.
- Answer whether you are available to work 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC +10:00), Monday to Friday. Tell what those hours convert to in your timezone.
- Our set budget for this ongoing role is $1.10 per hour. Higher Bids => SPAM.
- 90% of the candidates who apply are marked as SPAM. They do not read the job post and don't answer the required questions. Sending in a recycled cover letter will NOT get you this job.

We are an online retailer looking for staff to manage products on our website:

In essence, you will take complete responsibility for this aspect of our business.

Work involved would include:

- Adding products
- Developing very rich content for each product

Platform is OpenCart.

You must be available to work 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM (UTC +10:00) Monday-Friday. All work must be performed during these hours.

Work would be 20 hours per week. We are looking to recruit a team of 2-4 for this role.

If your work is up to the extremely high standards required by us, we may consider making you full time (up to 40 hours per week) and a higher rate of compensation may be discussed at that time.

Compensation will be $1.10 per hour during which you would be expected to add 5 products to the website (on average). A very high standard of work is required and also includes the following:

- Research and writing ORIGINAL product descriptions
- Adding technical information about each product to the website with perfect accuracy
- Finding non-copyrighted pictures over the internet, editing them and adding to each product page
- Creating compelling content pages for each product using text, pictures, video and audio
- Working knowledge of HTML is essential for you to be able to create the rich content pages required
- Working knowledge of SEO is essential for you to be able to create SEO optimised content

You will design content rich pages for each product you add. Expected quality of work required is VERY HIGH with PERFECT ENGLISH.

For regular product additions, we expect you to add 10 products an hour. Given the high amount of content rich work required for this project, you would be expected to add only 5 products an hour (on average).

The work is interesting and ongoing with us looking at adding at least 10,000 products over the next 2 months plus more as we move in to the future.

To be successful in this role and for us to consider you for ongoing work you will need to demonstrate the following:
- Actual interest and passion for this type of work
- Accuracy and very high attention to detail
- Commitment to excellence
- Ability to deliver extremely high quality of work

The work is moderate paced and very interesting. Would suit someone looking for those 2 qualities in their next role. We do expect extremely high quality work. You will be treated kindly and with utmost respect at all times. You may be offered greater flexibility as we become more familiar with your work.

Please DO NOT apply if you do not have the required skill set or will not be able to work as per the set rate. Inappropriate applications only create clutter and waste our time. They will remove you from being considered for the many other roles with us which would be more suited to your skill set.

To apply:

Briefly state why you would like to be considered for this role and answer the following questions:

- What are your career goals for the next 1 year
- What has been your career progression for the past 3 years
- Why do you want this role
- Are you able to commit to this role over the next 1 year and what demonstrates that
- Are you able to work 40 hours per week on an ongoing basis with at least 4 hours every weekday falling within 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM (UTC +10:00)
- How many hours do you work per week and what demonstrates to me that you would be able to complete our work with the extreme high quality expected of you on an ongoing basis

Tips on applying:
- Focus on answering my questions, don't worry too much about sounding proper. In fact, just answer my questions in the most direct and clear language possible without any formalities.
- Don't spend too much time thinking about your responses.
- DON'T apply if you don't meet the set criteria. Your application will simply be marked SPAM.

Skills: research, video, design