Product Description Writter

Product Description Writter


Job Description

The ideal candidate will be able to read a current product title and description then re-write the title (in 80 characters or less) into a more search friendly title. This candidate should be proficient in english, able to quickly read product descriptions and title, and know how to utilize keywords to bring the consumer to the product (SEO). The speed at which the candidate works will be important as well. The select candidate should be able to quickly read a title, product description, reviews, images, and quickly put together a title, which will then be entered into a database. If work is quality, this candidate will be offered long-term work with us and future assignements.

- you cannot quickly read in english
- you do not work well under a timed envrionment
- you do not know or have experience utlizing keywords to make product titles more enticing to the consumer.

Skills: english