Product Descriptions Web Content for Used Watches E-Commerce Store

Product Descriptions Web Content for Used Watches E-Commerce Store


Job Description

I need product descriptions for a pre-owned watches e-commerce store. I need someone with a sense of fashion and marketing to write 3-4 sentences per each product.

The Products are just watches. Nothing else. *IMPORTANT*= Someone who can familiarize themselves OR HAS PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE with the lingo and terminology such as Diamond Bezel, Fluted Bezel, Silver Dial, Mother of Pearl Dial on the watch, 40 round diamonds encrusted into the bezel, Two-Tone Oyster Band or Two-Tone Jubilee Band, Beautiful Watch is a, One of a kind watch, etc. These terms need to be in the sentences and customized. Research of these fashionable terms and research of pre-owned watches would be encouraged to write the content.

I prefer native english speakers who can actually write with a fashion mentality to persuade the person who is reading the product description. I will give instructions on how to write the content and the employee will come up with the proper writing style. It is all about the writing style. I am looking for a long-term business relationship as there are many product descriptions for this e-commerce website. I would like to start out with 20 product descriptions as a Test to see if this will work well. I am looking for someone long-term but I have to find the right person so I will start with 20 and modify those 20 to come down to a foundation for the content writer.

I would prefer someone who has had existing experience writing product descriptions for watches and jewelry and knows the lingo. Someone who has lots of experience dealing with web content and product descriptions for e-commerce stores.

I would like the person to send me samples of work on jewelry content, pre-owned watches, and examples of content to show that they know what I am talking about when I mention about pre-owned watches terminology and product description content.

* I have also attached samples of the product descriptions/writing style that I need the person to perform, this is exactly what type of content writing and product descriptions this person will be doing for each particular unique watch *

I need the person to have constant communication with me thru Skype or Yahoo messenger as this job requires back and forth communication. This form of communication is mandatory. I need the turn-around on this Job to be quick at all times and prioritized. The employee needs to be constantly up to date with me thru chat and communication as this is a team work effort. Thank you

Skills: marketing, research, english, test, yahoo

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