Professional SEO Blog Writer

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Job Description

I'm the general manager of and SEO& Marketing company and I'm looking to hire a contractor that is organized, has good communication skills, and is open to working with our company on a long term basis.

There are multiple blogging projects that you can choose from.

You will be given blog profiles and you will be posting in the blogs on daily basis. 10 blogs per day. You have a daily schedule that you have to follow.

The blogger has to have experience in SEO blogging and content writing.

For example if you are writing about the keyword Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles: (keep in mind this is just an example the subject can vary per project)

1. Make sure the blog content is relevant to the subject(in this case Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles) and original/interesting.

2. The keyword has to be repeated several times throughout the blog content.

3.The content needs to be between at least 300-500 words.

4. There needs to be at least 4-7 anchor texts/hyperlinks in each blog post.

5. The content of the blogs has to be original and relevant to the subject

6. Grammar and spelling has to be correct, someone from my office will be checking your blogs everyday and they will let you know if there is any mistakes and you will have to fix it. If the mistakes keeps happening you wont be getting paid for that day.

7. The maximum hours you can log in per day is 2 hours and weekly 12 hours. So basically if you can't finish on my time you will have to put your own hours to finish the job.

8. The pay for this job is upon the approval of the blogs. So each day you need to finish the 10 blogs submit it to us and if it was approved you can log in the 2 hours. And any extra or unapproved hours will be disputed.

9. Before we decide to hire you for the job you would need to submit an example blog , the subject will be given to you.

10. Being on time and communicating with us is very important, so if you think you are not organized and on time or you can communicate on daily basis, please don't reply to the job application.

*I have different topics that you can choose from to write blogs about and this discussed when I decide to hire you.

Asal M
General Manager

Skills: marketing, grammar